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Comfortable Corsets for Every Body

Twenty-eight years of corset experience with the first corset website launched July 20, 1995.

Updated 10/23/18; ROMANTASY holds US Service Mark no. 1768966 registered and renewed in the US Patent and Trademark Office, first use 11-1-1989, doors opened on January 14, 1990.
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Corset Waist Training book (12/2016) reviewed Feb. 2018 by Lucy Williams.

-- "Congratulations! The very best of luck with your new book. I have publicized it on my daily LISA Update page." Tom Lierse, President LISA (12/15/16)

-- "Thank you for your new corset book. It's an impressive work and very interesting!!! Big compliments!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Best regards," Doris Muller, Corsets and More, Germany (12/16/16)

-- "I appreciate having your book to help me learn correctly about corsetry." Karen (1/21/17)

-- "Ann has written a book that is supportive and encouraging, and shares her positive spirit in every sentence ... if you have any interest in wearing corsets, this is worth reading." Linda Sparks, Author, Corsetiere, and Proprietress of Farthingales Corset Supplies (Canada)

-- "Corset Waist Training" gives wonderfully detailed instructions in taking measurements that a patternmaker will need to create your perfectly fitting corset." Keely Weiman, Head Draper and Costume Build Supervisor, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco

-- "I used an earlier version of the book for waist training along with a consult from Ann. Definitely a good resource." Mary Ann (1/2/17)

-- "Thanks for the book--you should charge more for it. There's a lot there and it's one of a kind." Ms. K (12/16/16)

-- "I love how personable you are. I have approached a couple people just about custom corsetry in the past and was ignored or dismissed feeling like I had asked stupid questions. You are a gem!! I am so glad I found you. Your kindness and patience motivate me even more. Thanks so much for the book plus detailed corset-wearing schedule and plan I ordered! I definitely want to add some ROMANTASY corsets to my expanding collection. I am excited and so happy that you offer this service. It's certainly valuable!" Kimberley (1/25/17)

ROMANTASY is a business operated from my heart--
and one that is my passion!

We offer the world's longest continuous corset production -- and experience-based waist-training advice to guide you to safe and sane waist-trimming practices and to provide top quality waist-training corsetry!

We are proud to work with Sheri Jurnecka, a Bay Area corsetiere with over 20 years of full-time corset-making experience. In her corset-making career she has produced thousands of quality corsets in every style for both women and men. In late May 2018, Sheri reported that a client wanted to feel more confident in her clothes, and came for muslin fitting of an overbust style. The client said: "This muslin (preliminary sample corset) supports me better than any strapless bra I have ever tried!" Another client said: "Sheri's corset is a beautiful fit--the best fit yet. Wonderful work. I'm just starting to season it now, but the laces are lovely and straight at the back and the shape is beautiful. Thank you." Ms. T (1/5/17)

Welcome to ROMANTASY! corset picture


Thanks to Lucille Sorella, we are mentioned in this helpful San Francisco website advising the transgender MTF on attaining the hourglass figure.

"It's people like you that we truly appreciate, helping others achieve dreams one may have thought weren't possible otherwise." --Tommy (MTF; 3/22/18)

"It's been many years since I've seen you, but I still have and love my black corset I got from you in the 90's. Thank you for such kind words (about my illness.) It actually brought up a tear or two - When I saw you I was size 10 and now 16-18 or 1x - in the last year. Ah well, I'm slowly on the mend. I have taken up journal writing and meditation. That's been a pleasure, actually." --Ashley (9/18/17)

"Some years ago you fitted my wife with a Ruth Johnson corset. It is still beautiful." --Lloyd [Ed. note: if you find a corset made by Ruth or by Michael Garrod/True Grace, they are now treasures that cannot be duplicated, and are worth acquiring for any functional or historical collection. A number of these corsets from my personal wardrobe are now on sale; click Inventory Sale button left}

"Several years ago I purchased a lovely corset from you and set it aside. I now have been wearing it for the past 6 months and LOVE it. However it is beginning to wear out and I would love to have a replacement made." --Mary (1/5/16)

"Thanks so much for your quick and detailed reply to my inquiry about the best corset style. I will be redoing the measurements with a helper (and pictures) to ensure the accuracy in a few hours, and I'll get back to you asap :)." --Brianna (4/6/16>

"You have certainly spent a long time working with this area of fashion--such an expert !! I have enjoyed working with you over the years! Best of Luck in everything!" --Ani (2/8/17)

"I stumbled upon Lucy's website and it led me to you and a wonderful tightlacing community on Facebook. So now I'm starting my education. You are, as I've learned in the community, most definitely a pioneer and your corsets are quite coveted!" --Yiana (1/17/17)

"I wanted to reach out to you again since it has been too many years, and tell you again how much I appreciate all you do. I still absolutely love corsets and you have really helped keep the art of true corset making alive. may 2017 be a fantastic year fo ROMANTASY and for you personally. Maybe this will be the year I get my big leather corset. Best wishes and Happy New Year!" --Paull (1/1/17)

"Ann Grogan is the most amazing and most knowledgeable person I know when one is wanting to embark upon getting a custom corset. My "Romantasy" corsets are nothing short of spectacular!!!!" -- Ana (12/15/16; Ed. note: "...and so are YOU my amazing, powerful woman health- and corset-enthusiast friend of many years!)

"I shared your new book release on my fan page, Barones Lovey De Luxe, and tagged you. Waist training has been a work in progress. I feel like I gain, I loose, I wear the corset, and then forget to. I keep trying! I love my corset -- worth every penny! Thank you!" --Leslie (12/14/16)

"Ann Grogan does an exemplary job of defining today's guidelines for safe waist training." --Marcia (10/30/17)

"I just have to say - your corsets are STUNNING some of the best I have found ever!!"--Jez (10/22/16)

"Thank you very much for your kind reply and information!! Your response was very nice and courteous I wish met more people like you in life. I highly value your opinion and I am very thankful for the knowledge you shared with me." --Ryan (6/29/16)

"I really appreciate your kindness. I am convinced that the custom corset will be the best use of money." --Marcie (6/29/16)

"I want to thank you for all that you have offered to the corsetry world over the years! Corsetry has become an integral part of my life since I first discovered it in 2011, and I know that I wouldn't have had as positive of an initial experience had I not begun with ROMANTASY. My first corset was a simple black underbust made by Jill Hoverman, and I remember what a pleasant experience it was placing the order with you. And your book, which I refer back to so often, is fantastic. It's wonderful to have such a thorough and well-researched book on corset training in the world." -- Heidi of Straight-Laced Dame (7/8/15)

"When you deal with ROMANTASY you always get what you pay for. When you deal with others, then maybe you don't."
--Lydia (5/7/10)

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