Katrina desired to improve her figure but in a modest way, concentrating primarily on adopting healthy new eating habits. She trained from Feb. 13 until May 13, 2009 (the 'after' photos were taken on June 13). Take a close look at her front and back views, but the most stunning improvement can be seen from the side. No -- Katrina does not have a corset or body shaper on in the 'after' photos! This stunning improvement came after only a modest waistline reduction of 1.5" and 15 pounds, demonstrating that even moderate results can substantially improve your figure shape and silhouette. We were happy to work with this vibrant, fun young student who maintained a positive attitude throughout her training. She stuck to her program, and resisted the lunch room at work where a colleague brought homemade baked goods almost every day (get the idea about how Katrina initially added on the few pounds she decided to drop?). You can see Katrina showing off her new corset by Jade after her training!

Before and after


Cat concluded three months of training by losing a grand total of 5.5-waistline inches and 26 pounds!

You can see happy Cat at her graduation ceremony held Nov. 22, 2008 at the Fairmont Hotel, wearing her brand new rhinestoned corset by Sharon McCoy Morgan.

Seventeen others joined Coach Ann at the party to admire Cat's new figure! Of most importance to Cat were corseting on a daily basis (minus one day off per week), the great nutrition tips she implemented, and a supportive Training Buddy who was our very own former student, Bret (seen on the next page). In the profile morphing photographs, you can see the remarkable progress that Cat made in only nine weeks, by which time she dropped 3.25" in her waistline. Continuing training and using some of the tips she learning during her initial program, Cat is now determined to drop three more inches off her waistline and 20 more pounds in six months.





"I'm interested in purchasing my first corset, but in my research via the internet it seems that "training" is needed to gain benefit from a corset. I am not looking for a corset to wear during everyday life but if training is needed, I could do it during the nighttime hours. My first question is, is there some training needed everyday or am I able to wear a corset occasionally?" -- Patty, March 23, 1998
"I'm a male, 45, and am getting interested in corset training about 3 maybe 4 inches off my waist. Should I corset down by this amount? I'm not interested in trying to pass as a woman, just want to relocate some stuff. (smile) I'm about 5'9", 145 lbs. What do you think?" -- Keith, July 27, 1998

Especially for those who have questions such as the customers above, and who are new to the marvelous and exciting world of wearing corsets and waist training, ROMANTASY is pleased to sponsor since 1998, a detailed personal coaching program for figure-control and weight loss known as corset waist-training.

Our program is primarily conducted by email and telephone calls if you are not local to the Bay Area.  If you are local, then we will meet with you before, during and after the program to interview you and prepare your suggested program, take "before", "during" and "after" photos, and otherwise discuss and advise on your questions and progress. We are constantly in touch with you in both ways, and require you to contact us no less than every other or every third day by email or phone.

Either program is designed to provide two things. First, we offer personalized and regular support, feedback and education during your first three months of corset wearing. Second, we provide renewed motivation and support for continued waist training for advanced students.

Please note that while we prefer that you train with a corset provided by a ROMANTASY team member (so that we intimately know it's features, silhouette, fit, and style), it is ultimately not important that you train in our corset, just that you own a well fitting custom corset that has already been "broken in" or "seasoned" to a comfortable stage. It is also important that you share our love of corseting, our focus on health first and common sense, have a keen desire to learn about figure sculpting, body modification and waist-reduction, and are willing and able to set waist-training as one of only two or three primary personal goals for the three-month training period selected. We suggest that you carefully suggest that period where you will not be facing inordinate stress (such as job or apartment change, or purchase of a new home), vacation, or major holiday. Indeed, we will not coach a student during Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays because we find that temptations to go off the program become too great during those important holidays!

One student, Sarah, wrote after three weeks of individualized coaching,
"Dear Ann, my spare tire is slowly firming up. I used to be able to grab skin with my entire hand, now I can only pinch with my fingers. Thanks. The exercises and diet (coupled with my corseting plan) are really helping."

This student wrote us during her final week of training:
"I've gone way beyond my expectations and goals of this program. I was worried whether or not the corset would close all the way, lose all that fat on my belly and lose 10 pounds. All three have been accomplished and more. The corset is laced all the way (at the waist), I've lost 10 pounds and more and have a flat stomach. "

Melinda and MarciaPlease also read Lynn's evaluation when she graduated in May, 2001 after successfully completing her program.  Lynn (beaming on right, is joined at her graduation ceremony at the Fairmont Hotel by Melinda (L) and Marcia (C).

This program is intended for those who care about general good health, want to learn more about proper eating habits, may need to firm up their body on a permanent but moderate basis (such as our above student), or who are only interested in increasing their waist reduction while corseted on a temporary basis.

The program is also intended for those who wish to corset and waist train in the real world. It is not designed for individuals who prefer to simulate participation or pursue fantasy corseting.

We believe that while there are experiences common to everyone who begins a waist-training program, ultimately every person's experience and needs are unique.

In addition, ROMANTASY is committed to moderation in the process of reaching one's goals. Thus, our program focuses on your reasonable goals, and individual needs and concerns. ROMANTASY is also committed to helping clients maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime to insure continuing good health while corseting. You may wish to learn more about our philosophy and approach to training in our over 300-page book, Corset Magic: A Fun Guide to Trim Your Waist and Figure. To learn more, here is the book's Table of Contents and Introduction.

A writer from the US wrote:
"Dear Ann, Wow, I am really enjoying your book. It's wonderful, informative, inspiring, and is really getting me motivated (to waist train). Your style of writing is refreshing and often has me smiling. I love your approach and sense of humour.  Soon I will be going into a moderate training program following the guidelines you outline in your book. I remember reading about you having to adjust one of your student's program in order to accommodate her life style schedule. It's pretty much the same with me, but I'm enthusiastic thanks to you, and of course, to the support of my husband. I hope you don't mind me keeping you posted on my progress? (Ed. note: please do. Before and after pictures also appreciated)  Thanks again for your time and the effort you put into the book, especially for those like me who are unable to take advantage of your coaching program but still can obtain the information and be able apply the knowledge you've so painstakingly prepared, along with your wit and encouragement. As you say.. *kudos*.. to you." -- Regards, Edith, February, 2003

One reader from London reports:
"Hi Ann, thank you for the brilliant article, it really helps." -- Alexandra, April, 2001

Another reader stated:
"Thank you so much for the monograph about corsetry. I appreciate how promptly you responded to my order. I just loved reading your paper. How did this wonderful activity escape me all these years?" -- Rachel, July, 2001

Although we cannot give you specifics of the program you will follow---because your program will be customized to fit your needs and lifestyle, we can give you an example of what we recommend.

One potential student, Jacqueline, wrote:
"Ann - you have been so generous with your time and program information - I just have one more question. Can you give me a brief description of what the diet is like....and what exercise regime you suggest?"

Here is how I answered:
"I can only give you a general idea because everyone is different. Primarily your diet will require lots more water drinking, and lots more fiber eating. That is why you must have a healthy digestive system to begin with (no diverticuloses, no colitis. etc.). Then I ask you what and how you eat, and tailor a program that is more healthy for you. I seek to improve your habits of eating as well as the food you eat.

For example, if I would have applied to my program last December, 2000, completed the questionnaire I send potential students, and answered that I drink a pot of coffee a day and only one glass of water, I as Coach would definitely have something to say about that bad practice. I would have set up a program element for me to reduce coffee intake to no more than two cups per day and add in no less than six glasses of water or juice.

As for exercise, I will work with you to determine what is realistic and fun for you to accomplish, considering your work schedule and other commitments, plus your exercise history. For example, I hate to run as I have a weak back and knees, but I love to walk. So I would recommend that I walk three times a week for 45 minutes each time. Hope these examples help you see that we are not martinets in our coaching program."


I am frequently asked what kind of corset or restrictive garment is best for waist training. Preferable above all, is an hourglass underbust custom corset.  You need a garment that follows the natural curves of your body and moves internal organs around in the least precipitous or unnatural fashion.  You need to avoid any style that presses inward on your ribs or pelvic bone, creates a sway back, or dramatically thrusts up or down the stomach, diaphragm, intestines, or liver.  You also need the most comfortable vertical length for serious waist training, that is, one that comes to just under the bosom and goes low enough to cover the tummy. Likely, you will need one that, on the side, ends high on the hips, permitting easier waist reduction, rather than a corset that goes down low over the hips and encases more of the body. This latter style is known as a "longline" or Edwardian style corset. The former style, preferred for waist training, is known as an "underbust" hourglass Victorian style.

Overbust styles are certainly not an option. Christine Y., one of my students, wanted to get started training immediately after her first corset-an overbust Victorian-was delivered. Halfway through the first month, when she reached long hours of required wear at the first level of waist reduction, the going got rough. She tried her best to "get going" and made it to the next smaller waist-reduction level. However, by the end of the second month, she began to experience some numbness on her hipbone. She was getting tired of the corset's stiff feeling on her body as she had an active day job involving long hours and many stooping and lifting movements. She eventually had to give up wearing the corset and wait for her underbust style to arrive in order to continue.

I observed Christine struggle during training and listened to her express feelings of discouragement from not reaching her goals as readily as she and I had anticipated. Of course, I applauded her decision to stop wearing the corset once she noticed the numbness. After this student's experience, I decided to require future students to own a well-fitting underbust hourglass Victorian style in which to train. I want them to have the best possible chance of successfully reaching reasonable goals, and frankly, I hate to fail in my coaching efforts as much as students dislike not succeeding.

It's not possible to effectively waist train with a plastic-boned or elastic garment. You may need to train working from two  hours per day, to up to 12 to 24 continuous hours a day at a four- to eight-inch waist reduction. That will depend on your goals and progress. But at the longer hours of training and corset wear,  elastic and plastic boning won't hold up under what typically will be from 60 to 90 pounds of waistline pressure. Nor will such boning create any serious waist reduction. In addition, fabric in an un-boned or plastic-boned nipper will tend to bunch up at the waistline, "which will pinch your flesh and become uncomfortable. Corset bones are like umbrella ribs. They are meant to stretch the fabric, to keep it flat and smooth and avoid wrinkles at the waist," says O.Y. Dalziel, a corset enthusiast from London with over 53 years of corseting experience and a ten-inch waist reduction when corseted.

"Waist nippers" or short cinchers, about nine inches high or less, are usually too short, causing the tummy fat to squish out from the bottom edge. In addition, "Your spare upper body flesh is squeezed out like toothpaste coming out of a tube," according to O.Y., creating unsightly and unhealthy effects that might become permanent.

Can you train with a Training Belt? Yes and no. If you tend to have a tummy, constant training with a belt may well pooch out that tummy even more. You need a good corset low enough over your pooch to control it and press it inwards.  If you have no such problem, or if you alternate a belt with a corset, then a belt might be suitable. I love training in my belt in the morning, changing in the afternoon to my training corset. Or, if I just can't tolerate a full corset for some reason and my body rebels, I wear my belt. The belt does not restrict the ribs or lungs and it is in general, easier to eat and move about in a belt. Men can usually effectively train with a belt (they don't have the tummy pooch problem, usually---but not always.).  If you opt for the belt for budget reasons and you do have a tummy, also wear a girdle to give you more support. You can read about our great Training Belts here.


Your coach is Ann Grogan, owner of San Francisco ROMANTASY Exquisite Corsetry. ROMANTASY offers the world's largest collection of quality custom corset makers and styles. Ann has regularly corseted since 1990, reduced her 24" waist to 22.5-23", and in 2004 corseted down to 18", seen in the photo left (Scarlett O'Hara move over!). She owns and wears almost on a daily basis, one of her over 70 custom corsets made by ROMANTASY's corset makers. She corresponds with many corset makers, wearers and enthusiasts around the world, whose expertise will from time to time be made available to you.

Ann frequently exhibits her beautiful corsets, and speaks regularly on corseting at local fashion, fetish and transgender events such as ETVC and the Cal Dreamin' Transgender Conference. She has appeared on the Maury Povich Show, ABC "World News Tonight", Bay TV with John Kessler, C-Net with Sophie Formica, and Channel 53 City Visions with Chablis.

She has written a bi-monthly fashion column for a new Bay Area newspaper, Spectrum. She offers an intimate and informative corset workshop for couples called the "Secrets of Tight-Lacing and Love Making" filmed by HBO for the program, "Real Sex", and also twice by German TV RTL for "Peep" and other news shows.

Ann has studied the history of corseting and construction techniques for achieving a particular profile or fit for a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. She is fascinated by human behavior and relationship. She adores the elegance of the corset, the general physical benefits of achieving a lady-like posture, the beauty of the curvaceous figure no matter what body shape or size, and the psychological feelings of abiding comfort and warm embrace when corseted.

Ann is a genetic female. She is enthusiastic about the popularity of corset-wearing by either gender, and has an objective viewpoint regarding that matter.


If you are single or engaging in corseting by yourself, you may want an experienced and sympathetic friend with which to discuss your progress and concerns. You may want to do this on a regular basis, and obtain specific, step-by-step instructions and feedback. You may need privacy regarding your personal identification or the nature of your corseting goals and desires. If you are a couple with one or both persons embarking on corseting experiences together, you may wish to negotiate mutual goals and learn how to take the first, and next step to bring this sensual dressing ritual into your intimate relationship. There is no question that will be considered off-limits, no need to be ashamed of any specific interest, and no possible chance of having your special corseting interest discovered.  You will delight in the friendly atmosphere, rapid and knowledgeable response, and guaranteed confidentiality of our website coaching system.  Your ROMANTASY coach will be there to listen and respond when you are ready, to help analyze and resolve your corseting problem, or together with you, set specific waist-training goals and timetables and through regular email contact, encourage you to reach them.


  1. The best styles of corset to order for specific corseting goals;
  2. How to care for skin, back muscles, and other health concerns;
  3. How tightly to lace to achieve realistic, non-harmful reduction goals;
  4. How to interest a partner in tight-lacing;
  5. How to dress yourself;
  6. How to comfortably attend dinner parties and social occasions;
  7. How to accommodate wardrobe to the wearing of a corset;
  8. The range of "normal" bodily and psychological feelings associated with corseting and tight-lacing;
  9. Possible psychological and erotic enhancement with corseting, and other.


Thia in Back Yard 2Your first enrollment fee of $400 provides you with:
  1. Three months of dedicated support and encouragement by email and some telephone and written communication;

  2. Response within three days of receipt of your email;

  3. A personally-designed waist reduction program and ultimate goal, based on interview questions about your lifestyle, personal      history, physical condition, and daily activities.

  4. A system of rewards and gentle "prods" designed to assist you pay attention and focus on your goals, plus excite your curiosity and provide rewards for your progress.

  5. You may renew your program. Please inquire about fee.

  6. The consultation fee is due upfront before we submit our two detailed questionnaires and begin what is the most of our responsibility to you (before you commence the training itself).   Once enrolled, your start date selected, and our registration fee      paid, the fee will not be returned --- no matter when you drop out or may be required to stop training. When you apply for consideration to join our program, we ask you to acknowledge this important statement and consequence of acceptance. This consequence is designed to be an integral part of our program in      order to ensure that you are firmly committed upfront to the program and to your personal goals. Your registration fee also represents and cements our commitment to you personally as your expert Coach who will encourage and guide you carefully and thoughtfully throughout the entire three-month waist-training process, to its very end.

  7. Your custom corset is a separate cost. Please realize that we keep our margins quite moderate if not low for the quality of corsetry and advice we offer, starting with our least costly waist-training corset, the Bella by Sharon McCoy Morgan for only $260 base price in cotton. Prices depend upon the complexity of the pattern, our corsetiere's experience and technical expertise in her field or specific corset style, artistry and finish of the corset, and other. At ROMANTASY you have a wide range of choices and we will guide you to the proper one for your needs and desires.


We are frequently asked, "is waist training permanent?". Our answer is a common-sense one: yes and no. We all understand full well that taking our corset off, then pigging out on Krispy Kremes will result in rapid weight and waistline gain!

You most likely must opt for and continue with much of the healthy nutrition and moderate exercise program you adopted during training, and most likely pursue that for your entire life. In addition, we recommend you do what we call "maintenance corseting" which might include wearing a Training Belt or our "Sweet Dreams" light-weight corset from two to three days per week as a reminder about portion control and good posture. Or you may prefer to conduct focused mini-training sessions of several weeks or a month, from time to time when you realize your weight or body fat content are moving back up more than you would like. All of the above have served our students well to keep the pounds off though they, like everyone, do experience a bit of weight gain now and then. From the discipline learned during our formal program, they also know well how to manage that gain, and rapidly return to their post-training desired shape and size. It is completely rare that a student returns to his or her exact pre-training shape or size, Indeed over the years we have been coaching students, we have learned through six-month follow-up evaluations, that only one student experienced that disappointment which was primary due to a combination of enormous personal stresses encountered shortly after reaching his training goals.


If you think you might benefit from this program, service or product, do not hesitate to email: . We welcome your inquiries. Please note that we gladly accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, personal check or money order (US dollars please).

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