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Chablis in pink Sheri

Sheri Jurnecka, a local attorney, is ROMANTASY's senior corset maker working with our clients since about 1992! You will be hard pressed to find anyone on the web with as much corset-making experience as Sheri, producing such a variety of designs with a comfortable fit. Expert at fitting full-figured clients, Sheri also delights in working with brides (see her Bridal Collection).

Sheri is past Events Coordinator of the Greater Bay Area Costumers' Guild and a current active member. She has been making costumes since she was a teenager. She learned to make corsets as undergarments for her costumes, but her present interest is developing in the direction of fanciful corsets as a basis for building evening wear or imaginative costumes. Please inquire about original costume designs or Sheri's historical and fantasy costumes, posture collars, and gauntlets to coordinate with your corset.

She specializes in unusual patterned and metallic leathers and PVC. You can see Sheri modeling her own red and green metallic leather flame Elizabeth corset and her imaginative "Russian Princess" overbust corset ensemble. Her technique in leather is superb.

Sheri will mirror-match special patterns in fabric for a dramatic look.

Ann Grogan in denim underbust

The Elizabeth

The Quilted Corset
The Victorian
Edwardian Corset

Elizabeth Corset

Elizabeth Corset

Please note that corset prices quoted on our web and in our catalog are approximate and depend in part upon your personal measurements, and final selection of style, pattern, fabric and embellishment. Once we know your preferences, we are happy to quote a final price.

Click on any of the drawings below to view picture and pricing information. Please view Sheri's photo gallery of her creations, and satisfied client comments.

Available Styles

Valentine Victorian Overbust Corset

This Victorian provides excellent bust support and can easily be worn
as a bustier under a business suit or as the top of an evening skirt.

Lisa modelling at ROMANTASY's 1996 Holiday Open House,
 in pale blue and ivory brocade Valentine with bottom ruffle.

Sheri in her copper metallic leather Valentine with matching gauntlets and posture collar.

Ann's bright pink snakeskin print leather Valentine.

Basic Victorian Underbust Corset

This corset has and bottom trim but is otherwise unadorned.

"Scarlett O'Hara" Victorian Corset

Top of this Victorian ends at nipple line and provides some bust support.

Jill in a Scarlett O'Hara Victorian

Our European corset representative, Martina
in her Victorian two-toned leather corset, gauntlets and collar.

Longline Valentine or Edwardian Overbust Victorian Corset

This corset provides excellent back support and a longer, more elegant profile.

Jill wearing the "Wedding Corset"- suitable as top of a wedding dress!

18th Century Corset

This corset can be worn much like a vest or tank top because it has shoulder straps and covers the bust a la "Dangerous Liasons" style. It provides a very flat vertical profile, pushing the bust upwards.

The "Elizabeth" Corset

In the first photo, Joyce models Sheri's newest creative confection, "The Elizabeth", with an 18th Century bodice with a Victorian bottom, in black brocade. The second photo is of the same style with matching full skirt, worn by ROMANTASY staffer, Liz. Photo three shows Sheri in a leopard and black patent " Elizabeth" Corset. Sheri's Wedding "Elizabeth" Corset and matching skirt appears in the fourth photo. Finally, a striking yet simple example of the "Elizabeth" is shown.

"The Elizabeth " Corset

A festive corset worn by Sheri.

Waist Cincher

(Front-laced only)
This corset is appropriate as a belt over a dress, or for beginning waist training. It can also effectively be worn when back laced, as a cummerbund corset by men.


All corsets are produced in polysatin, with a modest upcharge for higher-quality cotton backed satin or brocade, fully lined in cotton twill, flat or spiral boned with 11-13 bones per side (double boning), are grommeted in silver, brass or black, and unless style indicates otherwise are laced in back with sturdy flat lacing and include a front busk. Excluding the Cincher, corsets come with a boned back lacing protector. Overbust styles include a fitting in the Bay Area, and for an additional fee, underbust styles may request a fitting. Additional fittings may be necessary at a modest additional fee. Some pattern variations, such as to accommodate for scoliosis or add a unique feature may require a patterning fee. Customer fabric may be provided with advance approval, however there is no fabric credit provided, and occasionally there will be an additional charge for extra lining or interfacing, mirror-matching of patterns, or special sewing techniques required. Shipping in US by postal first class mail included; other shipping, please inquire. Overnight delivery in US available for $45 or at prevailing rates.

1. Basic Victorian underbust or cincher, regular or pointed $ 470
2. Valentine Victorian overbust $ 525
3. Edwardian underbust $ 500
4. Valentine Edwardian overbust $ 585
5. Elizabeth overbust, closed front pointed bottom $ 600
6. Elizabeth overbust, with front busk or lacing $ 620
7. Elizabeth overbust, pointed bottom, closed front, highly embellished with gold trim $ 720
8. Any Victorian, Edwardian or Elizabeth with busk 13" and over add $ 55
9. Scarlett O’Hara overbust $ 585
10. Overbust 18th century, scalloped bottom, closed front $ 575
11. Overbust 18th century, pointed bottom, closed front $ 555
12. Triple Laced Corset (two faux lacings on front sides and
one back lacing), to corset style in leather, add
$ 180
13. Triple Laced Corset, in satin add $ 180
14. Corset Collar $ 170
  In leather add $ 50
  in metallic leather add $ 85
17. 1-1.5" embellished choker, ordered with corset $75
  Ordered separately $100
18. Gauntlets, ordered with corset $135
  ordered separately $185
  In leather add $ 85
  In metallic leather add $145
19. G-string, ordered with corset, $40, ordered separately $ 85
  In leather add $ 40
  In metallic leather add $ 60
20. Ballgown skirt, 6 yds, labor only $ 275
Fuller skirt add $15 per yard for labor  
  Ordered separately $ 320
21. Fitted long skirt with fishtail train (excluding fabric) $ 455
22. Skirts, costumes and fantasy outfits please inquire
1. Brocades and Velvets, labor only $ 35
2. PVC $ 110
3. Leather - garment $ 125
4. Leather - second color garment $ 90
5. Leather - metallic $ 150
6. Leather - lambskin or suede $ 265
7. Leather - part metallic, part patent $ 355
8. Top and bottom edging different color, or striped or alternating colored panels $ 30
9. Velvet inset $ 75
10. Boning casings in leather with contrasting color piping up each side, $145, with double row of studs $ 210
11. Outside boning casings $ 85
12. Extra boning for any style corset  
  triple $ 55
  quad $ 90
13. Mirror-matching for some patterned fabric $ 50.
14. Lace overlay - partial (some laces carry a surcharge) $ 60
15. Lace overlay - complete $ 80
16. Lace bottom ruffle $ 60
17. Silk please inquire
18. Trims, please inquire (application only, from $ 25)
19. Extra back lacing protector $ 35

Front busk or extra-long corset without busk 13" and over, or extra bone (there is one included) alongside front busk

$ 35
21. Front busk 13" and over in leather $ 65
22. Shoulder straps, detachable, or straps from corset to collar $ 60
23. Garters simple and unribboned $ 15 per pair
Ribboned $ 20 per pair
24. Garters per extra pair, ruched and ribboned $ 45
25. Garter loops, per pair $ 5
26. Extra boning (equals 4 bones per casing) $ 105
27. D-rings per ring $ 5
28. Lining in cotton-backed satin instead of cotton twill including fabric    $ 75
29. Natural waists 32 to 36" $ 65
30. Natural waists 37" to 42" $ 75
31. Natural waists 43" and over $ 95
32. Rush fees under 8 weeks (may vary according to season) please inquire
  under 6 weeks $125
  under 3 weeks $ 200-300
33. Missing one or two fitting appointments $ 75 each
34. Missing third appointment $150
35. Mail order muslin $100.00
36. Corsets are priced including lining in cotton twill in solid black, ivory or white N/C
37. Other Lining  
- in silk or patterned cotton or cotton blend tapestry with careful mirror matching and reasonably good finish considering blind stitching but with more effort/time than normal, $270 labor plus $75 for the silk (as more is required to mirror match; thread will be changed to color for inside and color for outside)
- in client-provided cotton or cotton tapestry with reasonably good finish $135 (same on thread) but no pattern mirror-matching.
- in silk without perfection or mirror matching, $75 labor plus $60 silk
- in cotton-backed satin without perfection or mirror matching, $75 labor plus $25 satin