The Devil and Sue!
Susie Q in horns and ready to
tempt you!

Ann's newest modified Longline Edwardian style
Ann's Mermaid

Sue's new Girdle Style Corset!

Glamous Corset Party with Sue Nice, and her advice on how to lace a corset.

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The Midnight Crystal Corset
The Midnight Crystal Corset--
13-hours of hand beading with
Austrian crystals on silk blend
navy velvet

Marcia models her overbust Victorian.
Marcia models her overbust Victorian.


Sue Nice has become one of ROMANTASY's valued senior corset makers (since 1995) of superb, tight-lacing quality custom corsetry. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Sue works with the Hollywood theatrical crowd and derives inspiration from her long experience in costuming, plus her love of the warm Southern California sun and lifestyle. Special occasions such as weddings, milestone anniversaries or birthdays, and elegant events where you want a fashion-forward ensemble, particularly challenge and delight Sue. Just look at the top and bottom edge variation in the pearlized blue leather "The Oceanic" corset, or Ann's "Mermaid" corset, or the pink satin girdle-corset pictured below. View other unique styles Sue has created in her gallery.

Because of the fine technical finish and perfect fit, Sue is much in demand and consequently, orders may take more than the standard two-month production time for our team.

Please note that corset prices quoted on our web and in our catalog are approximate and depend in part upon your personal measurements, and final selection of style, pattern, fabric and embellishment. Once we know your preferences, we are happy to quote a final price. Click on any of the drawings below to view picture and pricing information. Please view Sue's photo gallery of her creations, and satisfied client comments.

"I have recieved my corset. It is absolutly stunning and fits wonderfully. I will send pictures soon. Thanks so much." -- Jaime (9/28/08)

"Dear Ann, Wow! Saw that my "Midnight" corset in silk velvet and crystal beading was your corset-of-the month for May! Tell Sue I said thank you, I hadn't realized that it took her so much time (13 hours!) to do that hand beading. She did a very nice job and the stones look very secure." -- Vanessa (5/8/02)

"Hi Ann, Regarding the May corset on your homepage. That is beautiful! I love the dark blue velvet with the crystals. My compliments to Sue Nice on a beautiful corset. Hugs." -- Sarah (5/2/02)

Sue Nice Chinese cherry corset
Sue Nice Busy Bees Corset

The Oceanic, in pearlized blue leather

Front Laced Underbust Victorian
Front Laced
Closed-front Carlotta
Click here to see a movie of the Carlotta
Queen of Hearts
Queen of
The Flames
The Flames
Spider Web
Spider Web
Devil Corset Costume
Peacock Corset Costume


The only difference between these corsets (pictured on either side of the sizing chart immediately below) and Sue's fully custom corsets is that they are four panel rather than six, they are made to fit standard sizes shown below, she delivers them in about six weeks versus three months or more, plus they save you anywhere from $75 to $150 since there is no upcharge for (1) velvet or brocade in stock (shopping for special fabrics may entail a shopping fee or upcharge), (2) outer boning casings, (3) or larger waist sizes, as there is with fully custom corsets---making this spiffy little corset a great value indeed! It is of tight-lacing quality and will reduce the waistline by four inches.

You may order cotton backed satin lining instead of the usual heavy cotton duck or denim lining, at additional $85 charge. Please tell us your snug natural waist measurement, color and fabric choices. Corsets will be inner boned unless you tell us otherwise. Please note that we now offer standard sizes up to snug natural waist size of 50 inches!

Black underbust with purple ruffle

Click to see an animation of this custom Overbust Victorian.
(Click to see animation of custom Overbust Victorian)
Standard Corset Pattern Size Sheet

Gold brocade underbust with black side panels

Ann in a lovely white Sue underbust
Click to see an animation of the custom Overbust Oceanic.
(Click to see animation of the custom Overbust Oceanic)




Standard size underbust corsets (not fully custom) include almost any fabric choice and color, at no additional charge, and have a 4 to 6 week typical turn-around time. No garters are included ($15 extra per pair).  They reduce the waist by four inches when corset is closed in back. Send your snug natural waist, your height and weight only. These fit only sung natural waists: 22-24, 24-26, 26-28, 28-30, 30-32 inches, and are 10" tall. Please inquire about other standard sizes that may have been developed. Please order from this page.


All custom corsets are made in polysatin unless otherwise indicated, fully-lined in denim or cotton twill or in the alternative, satin, at additional fee, double boned under the arms otherwise single boned (note that for waists 32" and over we recommend double boning and for waists 35" and over, triple boning, for a small additional fee, grommeted in silver, and laced with ribbon lacing.  Busks include only 10", 12" or 14" sizes; hooks and eyes will be used for longer fronts. Included at no additional charge are: (1) Back lacing protector; (2) Front lacing or side front lacing in place of or in addition to back lacing; (2) Overbust styles require and include one personal fitting in the Bay Area or one mail order muslin. You may request a muslin for an underbust style at fee listed below. Some unique changes to corset or special patterns to accommodate scoliosis may require a pattern fee. There is no fabric credit for customer fabric.

Note that some fabrics, once received from customer or purchased by corset maker, may require a small additional fee or a bonding fee to insure durability over time and tight-lacing; customer will be notified if fee results after placement of order and prior to purchase of fabric. For matching skirts, costumes, chemises and other garments, please inquire.



1. Victorian  
  Underbust $ 550
  Mermaid (high-backed underbust corset; includes mail-order muslin, excludes outer bone casings)  
      Lower hem with point on either side of front busk $ 610
      Lower hem with rise center front and center back (see red and gold Mermaid with gold outer bone casings, top left) $ 610
      Lower hem with four scallops  (see green Mermaid with ivory outer bone casings, above center) $ 660
  Rainbow multi-panel Underbust $ 575
  Valentine Overbust $ 620
 2. Longline Edwardian $ 545
  Valentine Underbust $ 545
  Valentine Overbust $ 650
3. Specialty Corsets  
  The Oceanic, a diagonally scalloped-bottom Valentine Victorian overbust, in satin $ 790
  The Oceanic, including garment leather $ 995
  Flames in two colors, Valentine Overbust in PVC $ 655
  Spider Web Hand beaded Underbust closed-front $ 695
  Spider Web Hand beaded Valentine Overbust closed-front $ 805
4. Carlotta closed front, with attached or detachable straps $ 645
5. Peacock corset ensemble $ 1110
6. Queen of Hearts corset ensemble $ 985
7. Girdle Corset  
  Underbust $ 625
   Overbust $ 700
8. Posture Collar  
  With corset order $ 235
  Without corset order $ 2950
9. Midnight Silk Velvet Crystal Corset (13 hrs. of hand beading with Austrian crystals) $ 1690
10. Waist Cincher (9" front busk) $ 395
11. Maid's Underbust Victorian    
  Black satin corset trimmed in white lace, attached 2-layer lace-trimmed tulle miniskirt, black and white Velcro collar, maid's flat hat $ 720

Please inquire about other costume designs.


1. Boning  
Double boning 32-37" waistlines $ 45
  Triple boning 38" waistlines and up $ 65
  Bone casings, double outer, per set $ 15
  Bone casings, double outer entire corset $ 75
2. Muslins One muslin is included with overbust styles and may be fitted in person in San Francisco or Los Angeles by prior appointment at no charge.
  First optional muslin for underbust styles in person Los Angeles $ 45
  by mail or in person San Francisco $ 60
  Second muslin if advisable or required in person in Los Angeles $ 40
  by mail or in person San Francisco $ 50
  Another muslin required because client changes style $ 50
3. Waist upcharges none
4. Fabric choices (labor not included), quoted per yard required which may vary depending  
    on waist size, Same fabric charge will apply if used on the inside of the corset as lining  
  Polysatin or black, ivory or white cotton twill or denim N/C  
  Cotton twill or denim in patterns or color other than black, ivory or white $ 20
  Cotton backed satin $ 20
  Standard brocades $ 25
  Chinese silk brocades $ 50
  Cotton velvet, no charge if in inventory in basic colors  
  Rayon velvet $ 25
  Silk velvet $ 50
   PVC $ 25
  Faux furs $ 25
  Edging in velvet $ 25
5. Labor for fabrics used on outside of corset  
  Standard or cotton-backed satin, standard or silk Chinese brocades N/C  
  Other silk brocades may be lightweight and require reinforcement Please Ask
  Cotton velvet $ 45
  Rayon velvet $ 55
  Silk velvet $ 65
  PVC $ 10
  Faux furs $ 10
  Silk velvet and leather $ 65
   Labor for fabrics used inside the corset  
  Cotton twill or denim N/C
  Any fabric other than cotton twill or denim $ 65
  Lace overlay per panel $ 25
  Labor only $ 10 per panel
  Full corset $ 150
  Embroidered organza overlay  
  Labor only $ 20 per panel
  Full corset $ 100
  Lace fabric Add from $ 20 to $ 100 and up
7. Lace or braid Labor only  
  Bottom ruffle $ 60
  1/2" lace or braid trim on either side of front busk  
  Simple lace braid Add $ 40
8. Front busk Under 14" N/C
  14-inch Add $ 15
  16-inch Add $ 25
  Zipper in place of front busk  
9. Front flap covering front busk $ 45
10. Collars labor only  
  Off-shoulder gathered collar $ 45
11. Straps Adjustable straps  
  a. simple attached $ 30
  b. simple detached $ 50
  c. matching edging attached $ 45
  d. matching edging detached $ 65
  Non-adjustable straps  
  a. simple attached $ 20
  b. simple detached $ 30
  c. matching edging attached $ 35
  d. matching edging detached $ 50
  Different width top and bottom edges or special patterns Add $ 15
12. Lacing variations  
  Front lacing in place of busk N/C
  Sidefront lacing plus back lacing and busk $ 45
13. Extra back lacing protector  
  Standard $ 30
  Fully boned $ 40
14. Garters per pair  
  a. Simple $ 15
  b. Ribboned $ 22.50
  c. Ruched $ 30
15. D-rings per pair  
  a. In seam $ 25
  b. On outer trim or edge $ 20
16. Collars ordered with corset  
  Simple choker collar and wristlets $ 80
  Posture collar $ 150
  Simple choker $ 45
  Any collar ordered alone, add $ 15
17. Labor Hand beading, per hour $ 35
  Corset repair  
  Fabric shopping per trip $ 45
  a. Busk replacement $ 55
  b. Bone replacement spiral or flat per pair $ 25
  c. Trim/edging replacement per edge $ 25
  d. Make new back grommeted panel and move it over 1-2" $ 75
  Bonding for extra strength $ 30
  a. Entire corset $ 50
  b. Partial, per set of panels $ 10
  Unique corset patterning fee underbust  
  a. Underbust starting from $ 40
  b. Overbust starting from $ 60
  c. Corset dress, mini or full $ 175 - $ 275
          D. Extra tall back $ 75
18. Rush Fees (these may vary with time of year, number of pending orders and other; please inquire)  
  a. Under 2 weeks $ 135
  b. 2 to 4 weeks $ 100
  c. 4 to 6 weeks $ 75
  d. 6 to 8 weeks $ 40
  e. 8 weeks and over N/C
  a. Under 2 weeks $ 175
  b. 2 to 4 weeks $ 135
  c. 4 to 6 weeks $ 85
  d. 6 to 8 weeks $ 45
  e. 8 weeks and over N/C
Sue's Girdle Style Corset, front Sue's Girdle Style Corset, back