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  Jill, located in Indiana, is an accomplished young corsetiere on our team since 2009, whose production quality has reached top notch level. We have several tight-lacing clients field-testing her durability and we are happy to report that her corsets have withstood many hours of wear at considerable waist-reduction levels. Jill specializes in historical corsetry and classic embellishments such as the S-curve Edwardian, and flossing (hand embroidery), plus loves to work in natural-fiber material such as linen. She continues to delight us by introducing new historical patterns such as the underbust Regency with closed or open inverted V-shape laced insets, and the underbust 1877 style. Corset silhouettes approximate a blend of the classic hourglass and more gentle U-shape, leaning to the hourglass side. We think clients will particularly appreciate her very moderate pricing with a quality that belies her age and years in this specialty business!  
Altered Tyme Corsetry by Sharon  Sharon, located near Birmingham, ALA, provides the very best price available for medium-weight tight-lacing quality corsets, with the widest range of styles and specialty 'tweaks' of standard styles available. Her corsets feel somewhat stiffer on the body, and provide excellent back support. They create a rather more straight-rib profile (straighter line from underarm to waistline), coupled with the classic hourglass waistline shaping. Sharon produces the unique 1901 style corset which is particularly suitable for transgendered clients who desire to smooth out and visually reduce the upper rib cage a bit, to achieve a more authentic female silhouette. She will entertain almost any creative request possible, and work in any fabric including leather and PVC, and she is happy to do so, reflecting her slow Southern charm and pleasant personality. Her overall great technical finish and strong quality reflects more than her youthful age, and she has been in this specialty business since 1998.


Creative Corsetry by Sheri  Sheri, located in Oakland, CA, is known for creating the lightest weight, perhaps most durable of all tight-lacing corsets, based on being in this specialty business since 1990. Her client advice is always spot-on, based on the hundreds and hundreds of corsets she has patterned and produced. Her corsets lace down readily, and it is quite easy to breath normally in a short time, even for those new to corseting. Her patterning preferences result in a corset that accurately reflects and shows the natural outline of the upper torso, so that the rib cage is observable, as well as the classic 'wasp waist' profile, and clearly-defined pelvis curvature. Her corsets have never been known to split at the side seams, or require excessive seasoning, but are suitable to be worn fairly tightly from the first time on. Her corsets are somewhat easy to disguise under clothing and mold readily to the body. She works in specialty fabrics such as PVC and leather, but not velvet. Sheri's prices run according to her extensive experience, and excellent reputation in this business.


Sue Nice Corsets  Sue, located in Los Angeles, specializes in an incredibly detailed and accurate technical finish with perfect edging, stitching, braid, and trim application. She makes what might be considered one of the strongest, toughest, and therefore a bit thicker, of tight-lacing corsets, which provide the very best flat-front, lower tummy-control corset around. Her corsets are particularly suitable for full-figured clients, mothers who want to recover their pre-child figure, or those primarily seeking back support. Sue's skills and creativity have been highly refined based on her being in this specialty business since 1995, and working in close association with the Hollywood theatre crowd as well as hundreds of our clients. Sue adores hand-beading and creative embellishment work. She works well in specialty fabrics such as PVC, velvet, and leather. Her pricing based on her experience, is mid-range and reasonable.