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cyboutique Thanks: I'd like to thank Brian Valente for the initial energy, enthusiasm and perserverance way back in 1995 that he brought to the task of designing and building the first elegant representation of ROMANTASY in cyberspace. Without his commitment and encouragement in those early years, there are many times I would have turned my back on the stars and forgotten my vision. Without his consistent prodding I would have lowered my eyes and neglected the horizon. Without his generosity of countless hours of time and spirit, I would have abandoned the future. I did not. cyboutique lives and grows, and so does my enormous respect and affection for its original cyberhero, Brian. He has gone on to other marvelous adventures and we are now in the capable hands of other talented webpeople who also have our thanks and affection!

cyboutique continuing thanks: We salute all our corset-makers, contributing experts and writers past and present, who share their wisdom and talents - all for the reward of helping create a world that joins sex with spirit and honors education as the key to all progress: Dr. Joan Nelson, Professor Hargrove, Robert, Terry, Walt Kleine, and Ilene Cummings.

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