Custom Measurements
A well-fitting, comfortable corset starts with an accurate set of measurements, normally taken by someone else, since it is difficult to maintain precise accuracy when measuring yourself. You may rely on our experience since 1990 guiding our long-distance clients in this process, however, we cannot be responsible if you mis-measure originally, or fail to update us while waiting for your final corset or garment if your measurements change. Thus, please keep us posted on this important matter.

For Elegant Line Corsets our pricing includes a review of your torso photos (while wearing lingerie or a bathing suit and showing the waistline ribbon to anchor all vertical measurements) to ensure that you are measuring correctly. For our moderate to low-priced Fundamental and Basic Lines, we will do the same for a modest additional charge of $15, which many clients request. You may rely on our close attention and experience to help you with this process, based upon working with thousands and thousands of long-distance clients.

Before starting to measure, please read and carefully follow the guidelines below, making sure to include all measurements indicated for the specific style of corset or garment you are ordering. Even if the corset style does not seem to require the measurement, we use the ones we request to envision your torso size and shape.

If you email this measurement form to us, kindly include both the name of the measurement requested and its number, then your actual measurement. Please don't hesitate to ask us questions. Thank you.

Please note:

  1. Please measure as close to the skin as possible. For overbust styles, you may wear a bra and measure over it, in order to insure proper cleavage and lift in the muslin corset we prepare in advance of your final corset.
  2. Have someone measure you 3 times, and take the middle measurement for the best results. It is difficult to measure yourself properly. If you need to do that then we require digital photos as shown below. For all orders we highly recommend you send the same types of photos for our confidential use.
  3. You may send your measurements in centimeters.
  4. Please make sure to answer all questions including your height, approximate weight, and dress or jacket size.
  5. Rush Fees: Normally custom and even standard corsets take from one to four or more months to produce, and require a one-half deposit to begin. At placement of your order we inform you of the approximate time of delivery. Rush fees are available, however asking for a rush will require a complete set of measurements and a 100% prepayment of your order upon placement, to avoid unnecessary delays in shipment and enable us to meet the rush date we promise to deliver your corset
  6. Please view this page on Issues Concerning Shapes, Proper Fitting, and Corset Terms.
  7. Please view this continuation page regarding  Issues Concerning Shapes, Proper Fitting, and Corset Terms - Part Two.


Correct positioning of waistline ribbon

Example of measuring too tightly around the pelvic
bone (3" below waist).

Good center front measurement.
Incorrect positioning of waistline ribbon
Example of ribbon correctly placed
at waistline in front
Example of ribbon placed about
one-half inch too high under the arm

How to measure center Waist Up.

How to measure center Waist Down
How the MTF should measure
a snug femme waist

How the MTF should measure the hipbone 
How the MTF should measure
center front waist to corset bottom
How the MTF should measure rib cage
(however, please show tape number)
Incorrect position of waistline
ribbon MTF (too high by 1.5-2)
Please do not send torso photos without the ribbon and tape measure as shown.
The purpose of the photos is to ensure that you are measuring correctly.

CORSETS: HORIZONTAL MEASUREMENTS (underbust styles require only measurements under the bosom)

  1. Around high bust just under armpits.
  2. Around natural chest (women please wear a non-padded bra).  Hold the tape measure absolutely horizontally and do not let it drop in back. Have someone measure you while you are relaxed with yours arms down, breathing normally. Take this three times and average it. This should not be a tight measurement or the flesh might tend to protrude out from the top of your corset.)
  3. Nipple to nipple (Women and MTFs, please measure while wearing a bra. Insert any padding you intend to wear with your corset.)
  4. Bra size and cup size.
  5. Around from underarm across bra/bosom to underarm.
  6. Around from underarm across back to underarm (Do not let tape measure drop in back; hold parallel to your bra line.).
  7. Around just under the lower bust (This is your rib cage, just under your bra underwire.).
  8. Around snug waistline ("Snug" waist measurement means: place tape closely against your natural waistline where you wear your skirt or pants waistband. Generally measure one inch above bellybutton for a feminine waistline, one inch below for masculine waistline. If you are not able to move the tape measure around your body but it "sticks" to your skin, then this is the proper "snug" measurement.)
  9. Desired waist measurement (Most clients new to corsetry start with a 4" waistline reduction when the corset eventually closes in back, however, this depends upon your body size and shape, comfort with restriction, muscle tone, past experience with corseting and tight-lacing, and goals of corseting. Those having more experience with corsets or having full-figures can usually lace down further than that. Please suggest what you desire, and we will alert you if we suggest some other appropriate restriction for you.).
  10. Around pelvic bone.
  11. Around 5" down from waist.
  12. Around widest derriere (MTFs, please measure over padding if you intend to wear your corset over that; measure without padding if you intend to wear your corset next to your natural body and pull hip pads over the corset. Note that you cannot do both as the bottom perimeter will vary quite a bit one measurement from the other and then tend to be too tight or too loose if you change your mind about padding.).


  1. Side front, waist to just under the lower bust (Look down over your nipple. This is the 'sidefront' of your body where you will take this measurement. Women and MTF clients should measure up from your waist to your bra underwire or slightly lower. Men should measure up to the beginning of their chest swell. Be careful not to measure too high or your corset may tend to rise up and push into your bosom. However, if you measure too low then your rib cage may tend to protrude over the top of your corset.).
  2. Side front, waist to center of nipple (Wear a bra to take this measurement).
  3. Side front, center of nipple to top of corset.
  4. Center front, waist to top of corset (Standard is 1" taller than measurement no. 2 above. However, you may request more which will result in a pointed center front; or less which will result in a flatter slope in the center top of your corset.).
  5. Center front, waist to bottom of corset or garment (For corsets, this should be from your waist low enough to cover your tummy flesh but not so low as to press into your "privates." Rather than use a tape measure it is best to use a ruler to take this particular measurement, because a ruler will push flesh inward toward your torso just like the corset will do. Take this measurement several times while sitting down and several times while standing up. Those measurements will likely be different, so report the average. For example, a person 5'6" to 5'9" tall will likely report about 4.5" for a man and about 5.5" for a woman. If you are taller, this distance may stay the same or get longer, and if you are shorter, the reverse. Photos of your torso will help us determine if you have properly averaged this measurement.).
  6. Underarm, waist to top of corset (For underbust styles, this is typically to the middle of your bra strap underarm; for overbust styles this is typically to the top of your bra strap underarm. You may leave this measurement up to us.).
  7. Underarm, waist to bottom of corset (Note that Victorian corsets from the 1880's are typically higher-hipped than the longline Edwardian corsets. Thus, Victorian corsets are typically 3 to 5" for this measurement, while Edwardian corsets from the 1900's are typically 6 to 9" for this measurement. Within each range, you may choose what you prefer. You may also leave this measurement up to us.)
  8. Back center, waist to top of corset or garment (Standard is bra height. However, you may request a higher back which may result in a modest upcharge, or a low-backed corset but it must be at least 4" for this measurement to permit suitable waist reduction. You may leave this measurement up to us.).
  9. Back center, waist to bottom of corset or garment. You may leave this measurement up to us.).
  10. Answer questions 17-23 below.


  1. Around forehead.
  2. Around Adam's Apple.
  3. Horizontal from ear lobe to neck hollow.
  4. Across shoulders from seam to seam.
  5. Around wrist.
  6. Around upper thigh
  7. Around knee.
  8. Around 1" below knee.
  9. Around calf.
  10. Around both ankle standing feet together.
  11. Vertical front measurement from just under chin to lowest point of collar.
  12. Vertical from waist to knee.
  13. Vertical from waist to floor in stocking feet.
  14. Vertical from nipple to top of shoulder.
  15. Vertical from neck to floor.
  16. Vertical from shoulder to wrist.
  17. How tall are you?
  18. What is your weight?
  19. What is your dress or jacket size?
  20. Are you particularly pliable and elastic at the waistline?
  21. Are you particularly toned at the waistline?
  22. What experience do you have with wearing corsets?
  23. How many hours can you wear a corset comfortably, and at what over-corset measurement?