Jenny modeling her
Sue Nice Corset.
"I received my order of the Fantastique pheromone perfume today and I can't wait to try it out! Thank you for your excellent customer service!" Mariel (2/14/11)
"The lady who referred me to you and your corsets said that you were very helpful and had good, quality products. She said that she doesn't think you would remember her, but she said that she used to organize break outs for conferences and you were one of the leaders. She talked a lot about how kind and thoughtful you are. " Lainey (2/6/11)
"Ann and Jill - I wanted to reflect on the wonderful time I had here in San Francisco today doing the first fitting for my 2011 gown. I am so excited about the creativity we have going on this project. I am not sure how much Jill knows about me but it is the times when I can be elegant that really stoke my energy. I seek to represent Ann's enterprise the best I can and my friends just love how I look. Thanks to both of you in working out the project so well. I had such a great time today and I am looking forward to the next milestone. Much love." Michelle (1/15/11)
"Ann and her group of corset-makers and seamstresses do exquisite work. Ann was especially great when planning my wedding outfit. Her wedding consultations are worth every penny, and I highly recommend that service. She helped me pick the perfect person to make my corset, skirt, gloves, etc. The results were just wonderful- everyone was amazed by my wedding ensemble!" Nicole (Yelp review 1/10/10)
"Ann and her stable of corset-makers and seamstresses do exquisite work. Anne was especially great when planning my wedding outfit. Her wedding consultations are worth every penny, and I highly recommend that service. She helped me pick the perfect person to make my corset, skirt, gloves, etc. The results were just wonderful- everyone was amazed by my wedding ensemble!" Nicoloe (Yelp review; Sept. 2010)
"The try-on gown day and photos were a COLOSSAL TREAT !!!! Lots of joyous memories.  Thanks for the photos of the corset by Jill and wedding gown and veil by Maria.  Maybe I make a half-way acceptable bride after all!" Lorne (MTF, 11/15/10) 
"Thanks again for everything: you have both been a real pleasure to talk to and I can't wait to see the result (when I receive  my new Jill corset)!"  Jamie (Ethiopia, 9/21/10)

"Thank you for taking my inquiry seriously. I sent emails to a few other corsetmakers and you are the only one who responded and treated my inquiry professionally.   I am very much interested in getting a good corset. Thank you again for your professionalism and attention to detail." Brandon (8/16/10; Editor's Note: we happily guide you through basic option choices so that you invest wisely and well in a product that best fits your needs.)
"Thank you for sharing your expertise and love of corsetry with the world. I cannot "waist' to get started on waist training!" Andrea (8/13/10)
"Again, all I have to say is props to your entire organization. I think between the two of you the finished corset will be perfect. I have only experienced perfection in your finished products! Loveness" Natoma (8/5/10)
"I have been reading through your website, and first I must complement you on the huge wealth of information offered there" Michael (7/20/10)
"I shall continue to peruse your beautiful and VERY educational website." Nicole (7/14/10)
"The quality that u send is worth waiting for. Love ya!" Natoma (7/12/10)
"Your informative response is exactly why I sought out your website. You truly have the knowledge, passion, and skill that I was seeking. I wanted to avoid the costume sites and find the best source of information on whether corsetry would be healthy and appropriate for me." Karen (7/12/10)
"I just got my cincher and tried it on and its great! I think it will be much more comfortable than my full corset because it doesnt come up so high on my ribs (always gave me heartburn)" Lisa (7/11/10)
"Because of the education you provide, as a client I can trust you to provide a great product, a quality corset.  You are knowledgeable about the fabrics and boning structure that go into the construction, as well as the stresses that will be put on corsets by the wearer.  You are kind of like an architect who constructs a building.  That person knows the materials and the framing so the building doesn't fall apart due to a lot of stress, such placed by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or everyday stress of use from the number of people occupying it." Sarah (6/14/10)
"When I came home I had a package waiting (Christmas come early). I opened up a little with my wife and showed her what I had ordered; we both marveled at the fabric. Wearing a dress, my shape is noticeable. I am able to breath fine and without gasp even though it might have made a great YouTube video watching me trying to adjust behind my back. As hard as it was, I read the information you provided first, and yes--I would have put it on upside down at first, but was quick to see the outline difference. When I get to full closure it will be perfect. I could go on and on but I will say, you both certainly know your business and the fit is perfect with room to go. The material is breathtaking and it makes my back feel good. I'm sorry but I don't want to take it off !!! I will be near tears when I have to take it off before bed. Please share with Sharon, her workmanship is impeccable, truly a master. Love you both," Dan (5/15/10)
"I love your site, and I have been reading the blog. You actually sound like you know what you are talking about, in comparison to some other sites." Verona (5/7/10)
"When you deal with Romantasy, you always get what you pay for.  When you deal with others, then maybe you don't!"  Lydia (5/7/10)
"I must say, I was not expecting such a detailed answer to my question.  If it were not so beneficial, I might be inclined to say that your reply was a "bombardment" of information.  However, since there has been much new light shed on this topic because of your e-mail, you have my sincere gratitude.  To be honest, I've read so much contradictory information regarding corseting and corset training that I've somewhat lost all sense of what's true and what's not.  Your approach to corseting on the website and your response to me personally is probably the most refreshing thing I've gotten from the corseted world - ever.  Because of that, I'm very willing to put serious weight on your advice.  I greatly appreciate the amount of time you've given me already and want to thank you again for your work and your willingness to educate others.  Thank you!" Gary (4/29/10)
"Suffice to say, Angela and that fine leather corset (plus various other complimentary accessories) just completely blew my mind last night. Words don't do it justice. I was in a daze until this morning, really. Just a brilliant exercise on all counts." Michael (4/23/10)
"I want to apologize for being a pain to you contacting you so often once my corset was about to be shipped, but I had a bad experience with online shopping before. I want to thank you so much for my corset. It's here, I got it last night when I got home from work and I love it. Thank you so much." Diana (4/6/10);

Ed. note:  Here is how we replied:  

"Dear Diana, I'm pleased to get your happy news! Please rest assured that is highly unlikely that a business would be around for over 20 years and provide poor service or rip off clients! That is why I post a lot of client comments and personally handle all sales. I also answer my own phone so you can always call me. When you shop at Romantasy you may have to wait a little bit, but you get personal hands-on service from the owners herself. That makes it a very secure shopping experience indeed. All best, Ann"
"My, you do work fast...packed order within hours of the personal consultation! EXCELLENT work ethic!"  Dr. George (3/31/10)
"Hi Ann, I just re-took the measurement you questioned. I look forward to reading the Corset Magic book and am sure my corset will be lovely.  Thank you so much for your prompt and personal attention.  It makes me even more sure that I have come to the right place." Sincerely, Fleur (3/22/10)
"I received the corset from Sharon. Upon opening the box I was very happy with what I saw.  I am no expert, but I think she did a great job.  As I write this I am in the corset for the second time.  It fits very well, almost like it was made for me (grin).  I'll send pictures this weekend.  Don't worry I am following the wear and care instructions to the letter." Carl (2/24/10)
"I must tell you I wore my corset to a Halloween gala and it made a interesting counterpoint to my werewolf costume. Nothing quite like a sexy werewolf! I have been wearing it to family dinners to help me curb my appetite for holiday goodies. I hope everyone at Romantasy has a very happy and prosperous New Year, and I hope to be in contact soon to order an overbust corset.
Thanks again." Marie (12/22/09)
"Received the muslin for my new Jill corset and it seems to fit perfectly! All the corsets I have bought from you over the years fit well, so I don't know how Jill would be any different! Love,"  Leeann (12/10/09
"I have been enjoying my corset very much and have received an uncommon number of compliments on it. Thank you for your assistance." Katrina (12/8/09)
"My white linen corset by Sharon arrived today and I love it! This is my first corset and it is so comfortable...and I also cannot believe that this corset can be fully closed some day. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for great advising!" Elif (12/8/09)
"It has been a great experience ordering my corset from you. Thanks for all your help and suggestions!' Elif (12/1/09)
"Ladies, I'd like to say first, your website is amazing! I have been doing research on making my own first corset because I did not feel comfortable with ordering a corset online...until I found your website. I will definately be ordering a custom corset after the first of the year from you. I can't get over how much information I garnered just from your site! I've already passed on your web address to 2 friends who also have no experience with corsets, but they were very impressed as well. I just wanted to introduce myself as a future customer, and say kudos to your excellent site. Sincerely," Kathi (10/26/09)
"That is a VERY pretty wedding ensemble by Sharon.  The black and white colors and style break some tradition, but pave the way for a new look.  I think it is very flattering to the bride, and she will be so gorgeous!"  Michelle (10/23/09)
"The corsets are exquisite!! After viewing the website, I can't get over how involved proper selection of a corset is.  I love the styles and fabrics... It sounds like corsetting is compatible with that type of lifestyle."  Jamie (10/13/09)
"Thank you for your attention to detail on these questionable measurements. I remeasured and here are the corrected ones...Also, (thanks for the note that an underbust style can be reversed, and in that case) I'd prefer black on one side and brown on the other with black trim on both. Your instructions were clear but I was uneducated, and tired so I selected conservatively. Again, thanks for your thoughtful consideration toward my order!" Maureen (10/12/09)
"Thank you for your Romantasy news updates, I enjoy reading them.  I am pleased with my tight-lacing corset. It is very pretty, fits well, and I enjoy wearing it. It took me awhile to figure out how to put it on myself,  but I pretty much have it now.  It might not always be evenly laced, but sometimes I get it right. I am still figuring out the best clothes to wear with it.  It is pretty dressy and steps up whatever is paired with it.  I have not worn it out yet.  I am enjoying experimenting with looks that work with it. I have been thinking that although I am pleased with what I have, it is dressier and heavier than I had envisioned. My initial idea was to get something that I could regularly wear under my outer garments that would cinch my waist and get rid of the love handles.  I have looked over your website and not come up with exactly a match for this objective.  Not that it would need to be  completely plain, but lighter in thickness and not as high.  I'm not looking for major reduction, just shaping, so I think lighter construction would work" Pat (10/12/09)  Ed. note:  We recommend our Sweet Things and Sweet Dreams corsets which are very well-priced but very lightweight, in quality cotton.
"The corsets arrived today and they look fabulous.  Thank you and Jade too for an excellent product delivered in a timely manner.  I am so excited.  Sunday will be my first day and night in my new corsets.  I'll keep you posted." Camille (5/13/09)
"(Thanks for the feedback on fabric for my new corset). Cotton will work fine.  It will be a little cooler to wear and allow my skin to breathe better, anyway. Thank you for the individual attention to my desires.  I'm very impressed." Allyson  (9/15/09)
"I have spent a fair amount of time studying your website, and I am impressed with the program, the results, and especially the "health first" philosophy. It is clear that you are very knowledgeable in your field." Angela (8/25/09)
"I picked up the pink corset that Jane reduced in size and I have just one word to say: S W E E T !It could not fit better if custom-made direct from custom measurements." Leeann (8/7/09)
"May I repeat how excited and thankful I am to be the future recipient of one of your corsets! I have already thanked Michelle multiple times for bringing us together, not to mention how much fun she and I had doing the "BART-thing" to come visit with you. Thank you for being such a sweet hostess and for inviting us into your home." Christine (7/27/09)
"Thank you so much for your recent email, and your wonderful hospitality last Thursday when I found the perfect consignment corset to purchase! You are a very special woman, and someone I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. I felt like we are old friends and I am very much looking forward to spending more time together." Gianna (7/16/09)
"Thank you so much for your concern.  It's nice to see that not all people are out to make a buck or a name for themselves but to truly help.  Anyway, I was trying to see if I was going to be able to stash some money away and save for one of your better models.  When I have taken the time to research something I am sure of what I want and don't want to waste good money on lesser things and wind up wishing I had just waited a little while longer.  Hopefully I will be contacting you soon to place my order and look forward to working with you. .Many Thanks." Cathy (7/11/09)
"Romantasy has a great deal of information and explanations about tightlacing and, more importantly, about each corset itself. The descriptions and notes about the style were very helpful in decision making as I was quickly able to see that it was or wasn't meant for tightlacing or that if I wanted to have longer sides, another style would be more appropriate. I also appreciated that somebody would email a customer if measurements or requests were unusual to verify and that the customer had options even if the price would be lower. The pictures were also wonderful as I [and other customers] have the opportunity to see what the products look like in different styles and on real people, not just models wearing completely custom ensembles.. Overall, I feel that from what I have read and seen, Romantasy is staffed with experienced and knowledegable corsetieres who use high quality materials to craft excellent products with intended purposes and relay those purposes to the customer to ensure a full understanding of the product." Katrina (5/15/09)
"Just to congratulate you on a wonderful website. I have always been extremely interested, fascinated and attracted to a beautifully corseted female figure and have bought corsets as gifts for a number of women over the years. I have added your site to my 'favourites' and will be visiting regularly in the future. Your friend/model Marcia is gorgeous !! Please tell me she is unattached and looking for someone to lace her...then I can at least dream of being that person !!!! Love and best wishes." Stuart (UK 4/25/09)
"Hey ann, thank you for bring so patient with me and all my questions. I would like to keep the order as is (for the beginner's corset) and I will definitely look into more corsets in the future." Rotha (4/22/09)
"From what I've seen of your website and our correspondence, you sound like a lovely person and I'm sure you have a wealth of interesting information!" Patricia (3/10/09)
"Thank you for the photos!  Those corsets in lovely silk dupione you ordered from our company, turned out fantastic!  We are so impressed with your team's creativity and design work. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the images with us! All the best." Andrew  (owner, Silk Baron; 1/29/09)
"Thanks for sending images of several fabric choices to me. I appreciate your efforts and time trying to find the perfect material for me. You are so wonderful to work with! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Michellee (1/27/09)
"I really enjoyed our appointment/afternoon and getting to know you as well.  Your Home Corset Salon is so warm and welcoming, including the tea and tasty snacks."  Lisa (1/24/09)
"I just found your website from the recommendation of a friend who said that you were incredibly helpful and responsive." Jenni (1/14/09)
"My Sue Nice corset arrived safe and sound earlier this week--thank you so much for helping to hurry it along! I'm just delighted...I've worn corsets before but never one that was custom-made for me, and there really is *no* comparison. It's surprisingly comfortable, and works like a charm! I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it. I wore it to my TG group's holiday gala like I'd hoped! I found a simple long black dress that had a little silver highlighting, and I swear it was like the dress and the corset were made for each other...I got tons of compliments!"  Jenny (12/9/08)
"The corset arrived last week, and I've been quietly seasoning it. It's beautiful, fits like a dream, and I'm already getting the hang of lacing it. It looks good with just about every outfit I have. I am most satisfied. Give my compliments to Jade."   Anna (12/3/08)
"Hi Ann, Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely time I had with you Sunday. When you really connect with someone on a meaningful level time truly stands still. You have a wonderful perspective about many topics and everytime I see you I always walk away feeling like we've got so much more to talk about. The new corset fits me just right, even better than the first one. My compliments to you and Sharon, my corset maker. I have an appointment with Dr. Beck the second week of December and plan to wear my new corset to inform him and his staff how valuable corsetry has been for me transformationally as well as increasing my overall well being and confidence about my appearance and femininity. You're a wonderful person Ann. I'll let you know how things go. Be well and enjoy the camping!" -- Michelle (11/19/08)
"Hello! I just wanted to drop a line and say...What a wonderful online store! I'm so happy I stumbled across it while surfing the internet for corsets. So much variety and information! I've just started waist training and I'm drooling over the corsets. Please put me on your emailing list. Thanks! Sincerely," -- Katrina (11/17/08)
"I have spent many hours on the net searching for corsets, and after visiting your web site, I am now finished searching the web for corsets. I am very serious about waist training and purchasing a corset from Romantasy in the near future." -- Jalene (10/24/08)
"The feedback on my corset gown has been VERY positive!  I have never been so flattered in my life.  It brings tears to my eyes that I have ever looked that elegant. The efforts of your team clearly paid off!  My femme persona has stepped up quite a bit.  And I owe a lot of the energy to you and all your support.  I could just hug you and your team for the smiles I can show now.  I hope to be the lady you have come to know, and I will always be in your  debt for teaching me how to be a lady."  -- Michelle (10/19/08
"I bought the black with red silk underbust corset that Sue Nice made for ROMANTASY at the recent SCC conference in Atlanta. I wore it that first night, and reduced my 42" waist to 35" measured over the corset and clothes. Looking in the mirror, this corset did more for my figure than any other corset I have (you will remember that I own 40 corsets!), even though it was not laced as tightly as it could be. In total I wore it for about 10 hours including getting in and out of cars, dancing, and sitting in some very low chairs. It was totally comfortable the entire time. As you can tell from my comments, I am very pleased with this corset and absolutely amazed that it was so totally comfortable on the first wearing." -- Alexis (10/14/08)
"I've been  so impressed over the years with the unique and caring service and advice you've been able to give to so many different kinds of people in our remarkable city. Again my thanks."  -- Jack (9/24/08)
"Thank you for your considerate note! I can see your business has wonderful customer service, even before a person is a customer. I'm still drooling over the corsets, but it is tough to get started, especially with two kids needing braces & one needing a retainer. Naturally mom comes last on the list. In any case, I am still looking & hoping. If you have any suggestions I'd ALWAYS be interested in hearing them!! Thank you again! Sincerely," -- Jo (9/15/08)
"You're right, it was good news when I received Jade's men's stays. Have been breaking it in and it feels very good. It has adjusted to fit very comfortably. Good back support and noticeably improved posture when I'm wearing it. Thanks for this design since it is much better than the one with the low back. If and when I get accustomed to wearing this I probably will be in the market for a slightly modified version, maybe one for tighter lacing and more waist reduction?? Again, thanks for a good product." Eric (9/11/08)
"Ann, I want to tell you that I have never experienced such extraordinary customer service!! After my small expenditure of 26 dollars, you contacted me by email to verify that I had received the item, even when I didn't respond in a timely manner, you continued to email me until I responded letting you know I had indeed received it. You then followed up to make sure that I was happy and satisfied. I know quite a bit of time had passed since then, but I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the effort you all strive for, making your company stand out in comparison to other business'.................tell everyone at ROMANTASY that it doesn't go unnoticed!! Make it a great day!" -- Brian (9/4/08)
"I received my Sleep Corset by Jade the other day and it's absolutely wonderful!! It has become my favorite corset! I have only worn it once but already have got so many comments. The typical response when I say that it's my new Romantasy Sleep Corset is "Oh you can't possibly just sleep in that! It's way to nice you have to wear it out!" - Which I fully intended to do anyway." -- Greta (8/20/08)
"Hi Ann, Thanks for the very kind reply. Your interest in customer service has just earned you a future customer. Thanks for your recommendation. I will take your advice. I'm not sure when I'll get an order your way, but my next one goes to you, without a doubt. Thanks again!" -- Tom (8/14/08)
"I received my corset but have not had a chance to break it in yet because I'm traveling a lot right now. I'll get a chance to season it by the end of next month. I tried it on before I left and I am very pleased with the waist reduction. Thank you." -- Michi (7/31/08)
"Hi Ann, thanks, you always give such great service! Excellent!I truly appreciate your suggestions regarding my use of the Training Belt. It isn't just the physical help the belt provides to permanently contour my waist and help me go down four inches from 50" to 46" in only two months, it is the psychological results that helps too. For example, I now know that if I overeat the belt will make me very  uncomfortable and/or I wont be able to cinch tighter to the next grommet down according to my schedule, so I actually eat far less - pretty amazing how that works! Feel free to use me as a reference at any time." -- Walt (7/31/08)

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Victorian Under bust Corset by Jill Hoverman. The workmanship is excellent and the fit is perfect. My mom came over to look at the finished product, and she gushed with pride and said we (she) did an excellent job with the measurements. This corset is so perfect it looks as if I was born with it. When I put it on I feel beautiful, fractured spine, compressed discs, and all. I am no longer in pain, and the corset is much cooler than my ugly back brace and Squeem. I have a feeling it won't be long before Jill moves up to be one of your senior corsetieres. Beautiful work for a busy young mom. Once again I thank you. I'll be saving up as I would like to have the same corset done up in red satin as well navy blue. Corset hugs right back at ya!" -- Cherie Sneed (7/30/08)


"Am enjoying my first corset thoroughly and already seeing results! Addicted for life!" -- Natoma (7/29/08)

"Hi Ann! I received my Sue Nice corset and its lovely-Fits like a glove!"  -- Rachael (7/25/08)

"Thanks for your information update. I do see all your pretty corset work on our (transgender surgery) patients." Warmest regards." --Mira (Office Staff, Douglas Osterhout, M.D.) (7/16/08)

"I really like these corsets that you showed for cuddly people. I do not have the money saved but when I do I want to purchase one of these for us big gals. I am wanting the whole trip and my personal weight problems helped out by one of these. They were just lovely. I am 48 G with lots of chest flesh and belly (44) to be reformed. Thanks." -- Carol Ann (7/15/08)

"It may seem counter-intuitive that a tight garment is comfortable. After two thoracic surgeries my already weak back was constantly in pain, even with strong medications. I couldn't sleep, which only aggravated the condition and I was desperate to escape this deprivation and pain cycle. When I realized that compression and support could possibly reduce or eliminate my pain, and finally got up the courage to arrange a corset fitting with you, I was greatly relieved. I immediately saw and felt that only a real corset could provide the support that I needed. You made the whole process so easy. When the corset I chose made by your corsetiere, Sheri. finally arrived, I was elated! The support I felt for my back and chest wall was fantastic! I was tempted to bypass the break-in period you recommend, because it immediately fit like a glove, but I followed your detailed instructions to protect my corset and accommodate my body to restriction.

It has been nearly three years since I received my treasure, and it still fits like a glove and is comfortable enough to sleep in all night, now fully laced down and closed in back. My many 4-6 hour once-per-week car commutes were only possible with the aid and support of my corset. It is even clandestine enough to wear under a golf shirt. I can't emphasize enough the benefit that can be gained through proper support of a well-fitting corset! I encourage your prospective clients, both male and female, that have back or chest wall pain, to invest in a custom corset. It will be the one of best, if not the best, investments they will ever make. Thanks." -- Brian (7/14/08)


"I wore Jade's wedding corset laced completely down under my gown, and then the lacing of the dress was also very tight.  Breathing was surprisingly easy -- thank goodness for months of training!  The only difficulty we had was that I hadn't thought to sit down with the dress and corset on before, so had to readjust sometimes to keep the top of the corset hidden.  Ah, well!  It worked out just fine. And Spanx control-top stockings are just the thing to make the lower edge of a corset disappear completely.  A useful tip for your clients who want a smooth look in the front"  Joanna (7/11/08)

"As far as why I like ROMANTASY better than other companies I've found online, it's as simple as the amount of information and the appearance/content of your site.   Other sites have a lot of the info yours does, but they are not as personal.  Your site has more pictures to inspire and educate my choices, and I love the amount of actual customer pictures you feature.  Your site is easy to navigate and easy to find all the information you need." -- Nanyque  (7/4/08)

"I received Jade's corset last night.  Thank you very much for the quick shipment!  It fits perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the garment.  It is amazing!  I hadn't done as much research as I thought so I had no idea to expect a 'pleasant, hugging sensation'.  It was more than comfortable to wear for my first 2 hour seasoning session and I was sad to take it off." -- Shawn (7/1/08)

"Hello Ann, I appreciate your follow-up, as good customer care is usually a deal maker when I'm teetering on a decision." Todd (5/6/08)

"I would first like to thank you in advance for any help you can offer me. I have decided to purchase my first corset. After a lot of searching, I decided that your company is the finest I've come across." Sarah (2/1/08)

"Dear Ann (and Ron/a and Monica, too!), A heartfelt thank you to the three of you for joining us at  Northwest Leather Celebration 2008 to present and vend. Your energy and efforts were much appreciated and added greatly to the ambiance, elegance and overall caliber of the event. I have been hearing nice things about your class. Two of the people who attended made a point of commenting to me later how much they not only enjoyed and appreciated it, but also how wonderful they think you  are!  I hope they all order corsets very soon! Thanks again for everything! My best to Ms. Monica and Ron/a, too! Warmly, Margaret, on behalf of smOdyssey's Northwest Leather Celebration 2008"
"I have had one of your cinchers now for about a year, and really adore it.  I cannot take it in any further and would like to find a slightly smaller corset that could also have a different look than my cincher. Regards, Gianna (11/29/07)
"Dearest Ann--It's happened, that wonderful Sunday! I fell in love with the corsets and your philosophy of life once again. Just wanted to say HI and kindly request you to send me some of those pictures you took of me in corsets, because Jef took only one (!), so while waiting for the real thing I'll see my pretty future look. Can't wait!" -- Love, Irina (8/8/07)
"Hi Ann! Thank you so much for your help!  My husband and I have been long time admirers of Romantasy and the corsets you make.  They are beautiful.  One day, I hope that I will be able to afford the real thing!  I would also like to take this time to tell you how much it means to us as consumers that you personally handle e-mails, etc.  Personalization at its best!  Thank you again for all your help! Thank you." -- Gail T. (6/5/07)
"Ann, the corset has helped as a slimming aid and as a way to keep from wanting to eat as much. I think seeing how much the corset takes me in, is a major motivation to wanting to look that way all the time! I try never to forget anyone and certainly never anyone who is willing to help me as much as you did (at the SCC convention). Thank you for your compliments--they mean a lot to a girl like me."  -- Debbie D. (3/6/07)
"Corsets, like bras (as I've discovered) are not something you scrimp on. If you're going to get a custom corset, get the best you can find, and Romantasy is the best corsetiere I can find. I'm not saying that just to butter you up, its the truth. When I began exploring the things which corseting could offer me, I checked out all of the makers I could find, and Romantasy came through with the item options and service standards I desire. Its just that simple." -- Megan Madison ( 9/27/06)
Thanks so much for the info and reply!  Will try it on when I get home.  And thanks for all the support and words of encouragement, I always find dealing with your company very satisfying!  xoxo -- Madeline Brown (9/18/05)
Dear Ann, I received your beautiful corset and carefully read the instructions and tried it on. I struggled a bit, because of my poor left hand, but was totally thrilled with the fit and how it made me feel. Nothing I have ever worn has made me feel so wonderfully feminine! The corset is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. While it maybe a struggle to get into now I'm certain with time and practice I will be able to don & doff the corset easily. If it is always a struggle to get in and out of I will not mind as it will be a labor of love for me to wear the most flattering of feminine attire. I love my corset THANK YOU so very much I will break in my corset carefully and hope to be able to display my new feminine shape, (thanks to your wonderful corset), for my birthday party in October. I will have some pictures to send you soon! Thanks again Ann, big hugs to you and your entire crew. -- Ms. Jayne K. Miller (Washington, 9/10/05)
Hi there, I love my new corset!  Thank you very much for everything.  Sharon did a beautiful job.  The very first time I tried to wear the corset, it seemed like a lot of work.  But, I have found that it gets easier the more you try it on.  And, I have found something interesting about my body type.  I seem to mold very easily to the corset and it is not at all uncomfortable to wear.  Thank you! -- J., (7/20/05)
Ann, It's here!!!!! My daughter picked up the mail last night and when I got up this morning, there was my new Sheri corset sitting on the table. I had to *_make_* myself read the instructions first and not put it on immediately. But once I did...ooooh...what a difference a custom corset makes!! No pinching or poking like a ready made corset, just beautiful, snug comfort. (I'll have my husband get a digital picture of me in my new corset and send it to you later this evening.)  Okay, enough of's my am I going to quickly save up the money to get another one!!?? I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but like "Lay's" potato can't have just one! -- Lisa P. (Colorado, 7/25/04)
Hi Ann. I was just out in San Francisco and met with you. You are very helpful and I love the two styles you picked out for me. I can't wait to see the final product. I am using the training belt I bought from you but not all the time. It's hard to wear it to work without a lot of questions, so I wear it at home. Again thank you for all the help and like I said I'm really looking forward to seeing my new corsets. -- Teresa S. (5/8/04)
Oh my gosh !!! I LOVE MY SUE CORSET!!!!!!! It's very sturdy. I'll work on pics for the site. I'm in the middle of moving so I'm gonna start training in it a little bit. Thanks again. -- Julia J. (Chicago, 4/19/04)